PRi takes pride in working closely with building solution industry professionals looking for a new opportunity or career direction.

Benefits of working with a PRi consultant include aligning yourself with veteran career recruiters specializing in the building solutions arena who can provide forthright and professional advice on the search process. It is important to know that the firm you decide to work with has your best intentions in mind and will represent your career goals by directing you towards the best possible opportunities in the marketplace.

The matching process is a collaborative effort between a PRi representative and a candidate. It is a process of candid discourse in order to identify a candidate’s core competencies and strengths to best match them with the right organization and role for a long term fit.

Placement is only achieved after a candidate and Client Company agrees there is the best possible match benefiting both parties. A long term placement never involves anything other than a journey of collaborative discussion, soul searching and lots of independent research. A PRi consultant will be there to guide you along that path from self-assessment to matching and culminating in a successful placement.

PRi is a firm which places the highest emphasis on confidentiality and integrity in order to help made the right match and placement leading you through the career transition process.

The Process
• Self-Assessment
• Resume Creation
• Strategic Market Analysis
• Interview Counseling
• Research
• Placement