• We had a tough hill to climb as my company was is need of front line leadership in high volume environment. In describing my needs, Eric and I collaborated to come up with the ideal candidate and where to find them. Eric is gifted in finding TOP TALENT by thinking outside the proverbial box and then delivering the perfect candidate. In 90 days we were able to fill 3 manager rolls. Without Eric’s sourcing efforts, we would have not been able to obtain the growth expectation set forth in 2021.   From the candidates perspective, his candid conversation and excitement when explaining the roles led to them to want to learn more. I was impressed by the intellectual horsepower of these candidates and the passion that each displayed for their current profession.

      After the conclusion of each interview, we always held a quick huddle to compare notes so I could provide feedback. Then he would follow up immediately with the candidate to gain an understanding whether or not they were motivated to continue down the path as well as provide feedback to them. From a personal point of view, Eric cares about you as the client. He wants to learn about you as a person as we have shared stories about our families, difficulties in life, as well as the joys of life! We have shared many laughs in the past year!

      If you are in need of top talent for your organization, YOU NEED TO HIRE ERIC! If you are wanting to build a lasting relationship with a top agency recruiter, stop no further…he will deliver!  Thanks Eric for all of your help this past year!”

Bill Vuyancih

I have known Eric Freedman for the last five years. He has been integral to my career success as a trusted adviser and guide. His insight, even in the companies where I have landed, has been spot on. His advice has afforded me opportunities which I would have never had otherwise. Eric Freedman is an incredible advocate for anyone he represents. His integrity and honesty are paramount, and his character is impeccable. I am fortunate to have his skills and his wisdom working for me. I wholeheartedly endorse Eric Freedman and his abilities to place the right people with the right opportunities. I am fortunate to have Eric Freedman as my adviser.

Joseph Wall - Zone Security Client Manager

I just wanted to take a moment to contact you now that I am settled into my new job at Engineered Cooling.  I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and support throughout the whole hiring process.  You were true to your word about this being a great company with a very bright future.   I doubt that I would have been able to find such a great job through research on my own.  And even if I had, I would not have had the benefit of your coaching and experience to give me the edge I needed above the other candidates.   In this market, it is all about having an edge.  There are so many qualified people out of work and fewer jobs available than only a few years ago.  With that kind of job market sometimes being qualified just isn’t enough.  You have to have something special about yourself that makes an employer want to pull your resume out of a stack of hundreds.  I believe without the “edge” you offered me, my resume would still be at the bottom of a very large stack.

Ironically, last week I had a recruiter from another agency solicit my office asking if we ever were in need of recruiting services.  I gladly told them “Thank you, but we already have a great person with our company’s best interests at heart!”  I guess I was the wrong person for them to ask.

Thanks Eric, because of you I have a career and a position in an industry I love! 


Benjamin H. Keillor - Service Manager

After relocating to a new city, I was not getting any employment opportunities using “web based” applications and searches. One day, out of the blue, I was contacted by Eric Freedman at PRI. We had a chat, and he told me I might be a good fit for a company he had a relationship with. Once he decided I was a good fit, Eric helped me every step of the way through the process. He started with cleaning up my resume for the position to reflect the appropriate skills I had discussed with him. He forwarded the do’s and do not’s for job interviews since that was all new to me as well. He prepped and prepared me for my first interview. He put his time and energy into me to help me obtain the position. Evidently his advice and help were sound; I obtained the position even though others were interviewed and am thoroughly enjoying my new position and company.

I credit PRI and Eric Freedman for my success in the employment process. It’s that simple. I have never met another Employment Specialist who put in the time and effort for his client.

Brian Wade Burch

PRi was able to not only address any questions and concerns that I had about changing employers, but made the transition easy, timely, and was handled professionally from start to finish. I would highly recommend PRi to any candidate seeking to find an employer for the long term.

Amy Strickland - Industry Sales Professional

After serving my country for 30 years, I was more than a little apprehensive about reentering the civilian workforce. When I responded to a job posting from PRI I was provided great guidance and advice that enabled me to smoothly transition from the military to a job that many can only dream of. Eric Freedman was a tremendous asset in helping me polish my resume and sharing interview tips. After only two interviews, post military, I’m enjoying a gratifying and rewarding career, I highly recommend PRI and Eric to anyone who is pursuing a change in career paths or looking to better their professional standing.

Scott Cornell - Pensacola Service Manager

It is a pleasure to extend my full endorsement of the work Eric Freedman and his team did for me at Yearout Mechanical…he delivered high caliber candidates in a very short time frame allowing us to move quickly on our hiring decision. What set him and his team apart was their professional approach and candor throughout the staffing process. One of the best business decisions I have made in recent years was to bring Eric Freedman on as our recruitment partner and I can fully recommend him to any organization that is looking for an individual with integrity, commitment and a proven track record of results.

Patricia Ballesteros - Director Organizational Development

I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Freedman on a number of projects and Eric has always delivered the best of talent. I appreciate his ability to quickly decipher our needs and work with us to insure he understands all of our requirements. I hope you get the opportunity to work with this excellent professional!

Howard Wolfhurst - District General Manager

Eric Freedman is a high-energy, results-oriented professional who continues to strive for excellence in every task he performs. He develops strong professional relationships and follows through on all of his commitments. He has a take charge attitude and uses his creativity to obtain results. Without a doubt, Eric is one of the most well-rounded and assertive professionals you will find. He is a valuable asset to any organization.

Matt Orioli - District General Manager

Eric Freedman is an outstanding, consistent and reliable recruiter with incredible integrity and tenacity. In all the years that I have called upon various recruitment organizations to fill my open positions, I have never found an equal to his capabilities, expertise and follow-through. He has always provided high quality, high caliber candidates that he personally hand-picked and matched to my organization. Further, he can always be counted upon to do exactly what he says he will do. Without hesitation, I can strongly recommend Eric Freedman and his team for all of your recruitment needs

Ken Dolson - PNW District Sales Leader