Outplacement services can also be known as career transition services. This is a valuable service provided to our clients when faced with having to initiate a corporate reduction in force or layoff. Outplacement services are touted by corporate executives around the world as one of the most successful ways to transition staffing requirements.

PRi works collaboratively with our client’s to identify the best possible services for the affected employees and structure a program that suits our clients’ needs from services provided to initiation timelines and budgetary considerations.

From a variety of perspectives, outplacement services just make good business sense. The services we provide allow the separation of employee and company in a dignified and professional manner while keeping intact the goodwill built over time with both departing and remaining employees as well as the surrounding community and other business partners.

Outplacement is also the first choice by Human Resources Executives and Corporate Counsel who are tasked with mitigating Company risk. Mitigating risk includes minimizing the concern over litigation and other types of retaliation. When the cost of outplacement is weighed against the alternative, it is the clear choice.

Outplacement Services
• Career Coaching
• Job Placement
• Resume Creation
• Search Strategies
• Interview Coaching
• Networking Workshops
• Job Board Workshops
• LinkedIn Training