salaryInvariably when you are involved in the process of making a job or career change you will probably be wondering if your prospective employer’s salary offer is in line with the local market.

It is important to realize that salary is only ONE component of a total offering so evaluate the salary with a global perspective or you could potentially be short changing yourself by focusing on salary only. Make sure in addition to using the links and information below; get some independent information from others in the target market that may have a similar role.

If you are working with a P.R.I. consultant, be sure to ask about other aspects of an offer including the value of bonuses, stock options, health benefits, vacation benefits and auto or mileage provisions. They all add up to provide you a complete understanding of a potential long term opportunity.

Things to Consider
• Current vs. New salary
• Look at the Entire Offer
• Bonuses
• Health Benefits
• Vacation Pay
• Vehicle Provisions
• Training
• Career Growth
• Remember why you are considering a move
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