Bill Vuyancih – Regional Sales Leader


    • We had a tough hill to climb as my company was is need of front line leadership in high volume environment. In describing my needs, Eric and I collaborated to come up with the ideal candidate and where to find them. Eric is gifted in finding TOP TALENT by thinking outside the proverbial box and then delivering the perfect candidate. In 90 days we were able to fill 3 manager rolls. Without Eric’s sourcing efforts, we would have not been able to obtain the growth expectation set forth in 2021.   From the candidates perspective, his candid conversation and excitement when explaining the roles led to them to want to learn more. I was impressed by the intellectual horsepower of these candidates and the passion that each displayed for their current profession.

      After the conclusion of each interview, we always held a quick huddle to compare notes so I could provide feedback. Then he would follow up immediately with the candidate to gain an understanding whether or not they were motivated to continue down the path as well as provide feedback to them. From a personal point of view, Eric cares about you as the client. He wants to learn about you as a person as we have shared stories about our families, difficulties in life, as well as the joys of life! We have shared many laughs in the past year!

      If you are in need of top talent for your organization, YOU NEED TO HIRE ERIC! If you are wanting to build a lasting relationship with a top agency recruiter, stop no further…he will deliver!  Thanks Eric for all of your help this past year!”

Bill VuyancihSenior Sales Leader for ADT Custom Home ServicesADTCalifornia