Benjamin H. Keillor – Service Manager

I just wanted to take a moment to contact you now that I am settled into my new job at Engineered Cooling.  I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and support throughout the whole hiring process.  You were true to your word about this being a great company with a very bright future.   I doubt that I would have been able to find such a great job through research on my own.  And even if I had, I would not have had the benefit of your coaching and experience to give me the edge I needed above the other candidates.   In this market, it is all about having an edge.  There are so many qualified people out of work and fewer jobs available than only a few years ago.  With that kind of job market sometimes being qualified just isn’t enough.  You have to have something special about yourself that makes an employer want to pull your resume out of a stack of hundreds.  I believe without the “edge” you offered me, my resume would still be at the bottom of a very large stack.

Ironically, last week I had a recruiter from another agency solicit my office asking if we ever were in need of recruiting services.  I gladly told them “Thank you, but we already have a great person with our company’s best interests at heart!”  I guess I was the wrong person for them to ask.

Thanks Eric, because of you I have a career and a position in an industry I love! 


Benjamin H. Keillor - Service ManagerService ManagerOrlando